Believing in yourself

Some years ago I met a woman who is now a friend.

At that time, she was in a frontline position for a big IT multinational, basically hassling with those tasks anybody who has worked in an office learns to dread.

IT problems

When your main role is to aid people that contact you because something just broke “and I didn’t do anything”, it takes a fair amount of energy to remain positive thinking and focused on providing a good experience to your customer.

And yet she did.

She’d been in the job for a few years and neither the salary or the working hours were very kind…but you got to live with what you got to live…right?


Her positive attitude and will to provide the best help she could think of to the end clients made that not only the users sought her out (which means they acknowdleged her skills and attitude) but she had become the unofficial leader of her shift at her location.

IT Services

I have always admired those people who refuse to go the easy path, because their inner compass pulls them in the right direction.

Beeing grumpy, disengaged ordismissive of the clients happens all too often in the customer service area: the worker loses the edge, feels he is always solving everybody’s problems but gets no recognition (neither from the clients nor the bosses)…

I’m not going to go into the pitfalls of management, so we’ll focus on the worker.

On my friend’s story.

On how a year later she LEAPT 2 levels due to her attitude, comitment and focus on what she DOES like of her work/company/role.

On how being able to identify that you’re earning “less than I should but enough to keep  me going in an enviroment I love”.

Ask yourself if you’re giving your best shot at your current job, position or project.

Are you really pushing towards what makes you feel good…or do you simply allow yourself to go down the slope and later complain because you don’t have control of things and it just keeps getting worse?

Don’t know how to stop the sliding?


Happy CS

Try to focus on what you CAN do instead of what you would LIKE to do but is not possible due to [use your excuse].

Refuse to get into fights over who’s right or who screwed up: does it really care? It’s not going to change the past…that action already happened.

Smile, breath deep and concentrate on what you CAN and WANT to do.

And if it happens that what you can and want to do is in a different place/job/project…start moving in that direction, identify what you need and get the ball rolling.

More on this last idea on the next post.

What is the next thing you’re going to do to improve yourself? And your enviroment?

Let us know in the comments, Twitter or drop us a mail in the contact.


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