Fable – You are your own instrument

The kid watched his grandmother, who was writting a letter. In a certain moment, he asked:

Are you writting a story that happened to us? Is it by chance a story about me?

The grandmother stopped writting, smiled and told her grandchild:

I am writting about you, it is true. However, more important tan words is the pencil I am using. I would like you to be like it when you grow up.


The boy looked at the pencil, intrigued, and saw nothing special.

– But it is just like all the other pencils I have seen in my life!

It all depends on how you look into things, she replied. There are five qualities that, if you manage to keep them,will make you a person at peace with the World.

The first quality: You can make great things but you must never forget that there is a hand that guides your steps. That hand we call God and He must always take you in the direction of His will.

The second quality: Every now and then stop writting and sharpen your edge. With that the pencil suffers a bit, but in the end it is sharper. Therefore, you have to learn how to withstand some pains, because they will help you become a better person.

The third quality: The pencil always allows for the eraser to take care of mistakes. You must understand that correcting something we have done is not necessarily a bad thing, but something that will help us to continue in the path of justice.

The fourth quality: What  really matters in the pencil is no the Wood or its outer shape but the graphite it contains. Therefore, take care always of what is in you.

Lastly, the fifth quality of the pencil: It always leaves a marc. In the same fashion, you have to know that everything you  do in life will leave a fottprint and try being conscious of all your actions.

Author: Paulo Coelho. Translation: Growth Hunter

What do you think? It there some situation that made you think of these qualities?

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