How to be lucky

Ever wondered how some people just keep being lucky?

We all know someone who constantly seems to be in the right moment in the right time!

Encontrar una moneda

A friend of mine is like that: he’s always doing interesting things and I feel jealous (in the good sense) of how he repeatedly has such good things come into his life.

Some time ago, he decided that after years in the design industry he wanted an opportunity abroad from Spain.

So he devised a plan the best he could and he started communicating what he wanted to anyone who would lend a listening ear.

If you want we can talk in some other post about the importance of attitude and ressonance of our ideas 😉

Mujer con megafono

After quite a few months (which to him it seemed like years) he landed an incredible opportunity in Northern Europe. We were all thrilled that he had managed his ambition.

So it happened that through this opportunity, he saw that what he believed he most wanted…was not so. He learned hands-on what the task implied…and decided it was not for him.

manos sucias

So he quit.

With no other job at hand.

Having to return to Spain.

And only 1 week after he was back here, getting ready for some time off and regenerating him grey cells…he was suddenly called for a project also abroad in Europe.

What he hadn’t realized was that once you get things into movement, they don’t stop when you decide.

It just so happened that all the idea-pushing effort he had made over a year ago was still yielding opportunities.

And it was SUCH a good opportunity.

Right now, he’s working in the company he’s always loved, doing the work he really enjoys and experiencing an opportunity abroad.

star concept

How has he done that?

  1. Have a clear message. If you can’t explain it in 1 phrase, keep fine tuning it
  2. Be passionate about what you want. Don’t just take whatever comes across…accept only what makes you vibrate!
  3. Be honest. No sense in making up things or trying to fit in a non-fitting situation…in the end it will become a frustrating situation for everybody

Have you had similar experiences? Do you know someone who is also constantly lucky?

Share in the comments, twitter or contact!


3 thoughts on “How to be lucky

  1. Love the message here, and good for your friend! I read an article last night on Medium, called “Accelerating Serendipity” that covered a similar topic. He gives slightly different advice for how to get it done, but I think your two articles complement each other. You might be interested!

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