Personal Tour Guide

Have you ever encountered a person that went above and beyond their duty?

It happened to me a Christmas, whilst on vacation in a Center European country with my family.


Since those days are prone to museums and similar being closed, we booked a tour in a near by location to go and visit a historical site.

The tour included transport and tour guide for the whole trip.

Have you ever come across a person who is really really passionate about their work?

This guide is.

turista en el tejado

Most of us would not be able to go to the same places day in day out and continue to convey that passion, knowledge and magical atmosphere just like the first day.

Historical dates, famous names and remarcable locations are a matter of memory.

Having the eye to give everybody a personalized snip, pointing out what seems to interest most of the group and actually cutting some things short in order to have more time for demanded explanations…that is a virtue.

One this guide is VERY good at.

turista señalando

Not only did she provide a unique experience to her customers but she was tremendously helpful suggesting ideas for the next days.

A few months later I took up her offer that if I ever went back ring her up and she would show me around the capital: it was a blast again!

Just a few weeks ago she happened to be over at Barcelona, let me know and I tried to return the favour: she promises it was a great tour and that she learned many things she didn’t expect.

What started as a traditional tour turned out into an opportunity to share a passion: learning more of people, cultures and cities abroad.


Has this happened to you? Do you also share the passion of learning new things?

Let us know in the comments or twitter!


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