Fables – Why are you asleep?

Once upon a time there was a village in India close to a trading road. Many people passed by.

castillo ruta de la seda

But the village had become known for an unlikely event: there was a man that been asleep for over a forth of a century non stop.

hombre durmiendo en una cama en el bosque

Nobody knew the reason. What a strange event! Those who travelled through the road always stopped to observe the sleeping man.

But how can this be? – asked the visitors.

In the near region lived a hermit.

He was a disdainful and spent the day in deep contemplation and would not be distrubed.

yogui japones

But he has become famous for being able to read other people’s thoughts.

The mayor of the village visited him and begged that he visited the sleeping man and try to fin out the cause of his long and deep rest.

The hermit was noble so, beyond his unappealing facade, he accepted to help discover the misery.

He went to the village and sat next to the sleeping man. He concentrated deeply and strated driving his conscience into the sleeping man’s mind.

At last, his mental enegy connected.

Dos personas conectadas

Minutes later, the hermit came back to his regular conscience state and all the village had gathered to hear what he had to say. With a clam voice, he explained:

 – Dear friends, I have reached the brain and heart of the sleeping man. I have searched for the origin and I am glad to announce I have found it.

This man dreams he is awake, therefore he has no intention of waking up.

Inicio de dia con gallo

  * The Master says: don’t be like this man, spiritually asleep so deeply that you believe you are Awakened.*


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