Test – What tree are you?


Look at the tree and chose the one you feel most attracted to.

Don’t think about it too much, you only have to select one and find out what your choice says about your personality.


1 . You are a generous and moral person.

You are always working on personal improvement.

You’re ambitious and people might think dealing with you is difficult. For you, its not easy being who you are.

You work hard but are not egoistic: you do it because you want a better world.

You have a great capacity for loving people, until you get hurt.

Even then, you continue to love. Few people appreciate the world like you do.

2 . You’re an honest and fun person

You are dependable and enjoy taking care of others. You worry for them and accept many resposibilities related to work.

You are good natured and people trust in you fast.

You’re brilliant, inteligent and quick on your thinking.

You always have a good story to tell.

3. You are and inteligent and helpful person.

You’re a big thinker. Your thoughts and ideas are very important for you. You like to think about your theories and unique points of view.

You are an introvert person. You get along with those who like to think and learn. You spend quite a bit of time pondering about moral.

You are always trying to do the correct thing, even if most don’t agree with you.

4 . You are quick and philosofical person.

Intuitive and a bit peculiar, you are usually misunderstood and it hurts you.

You need personal space, where your creativity can be developed and expect respect from others.

You usually see clarity in the black/white situations of life.

You’re quite emotional.

5 . You are a confident and responsible person.

You are very independent. The motto for you is “I’m going to do it my way”.

You are very confident and know how to stay strong to yourself and your loved ones.

You know exactly what you want and are not afraid of going for your dreams.

All you ask of people is honesty.

Are you strong enough to accept the truth?

6 . You are soft and sensible.

People can relate to you, you have plenty of friends and you enjoy helping.

You have that warm and shinning aura that makes people feel good when they are close to you.

Everyday you think what can you do to improve yourself.

You are interesting, deep and unique. More than the rest, you need something or someone to love.

Are you ready to love without waiting to be loved in the first place?

7 . You are happy and calm.

You are emotional, empathic and a great listener.

You think that everybody has their own path in life.

Are you open to new people and events?

You endure tension easily and seldomly get worried. Normally, you are pretty relaxed, try to comand your time and never lose North.

8 . You are charming and full of energy.

You are a fun person, who knows how to make people laugh.

You live in a state of harmony with the universe. You’re spontaneous and enthusiastic.

You can’t turn down an adventure and you normally clash with people due to you being outgoing.

But that is what you are…stay true to yourself. Try and learn something more about what interest you and you will not rest until you achieve a deep understanding of the subject.

9.  You’re optimistic.

You think that life is a present and you try and enjoy it as much as possible.

You are very proud of your achievements .

You have a healthy point of view of life, clean as a glass. You can use whatever chance to forgive, learn and grow.

Life is too short to do otherwise.

Autor: unknown

What resultd did you get? Do you agree? Share it on a comment!


5 thoughts on “Test – What tree are you?

  1. Hello there…
    Paulette Motzko here from the blog Totally Inspired Mind- Where Positive Minds Congregate.
    I really loved this one because it was FUN and I needed some of that very thing today.
    I was a number 8 and it was pretty right. Also, I was a bit of number 6 too.
    Thanks for adding a little JOY to my day. That is always in my prayers.
    Today it was a little late that’s all.

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