Fables – Listening to the inner child

A scientist was working on solving a complex mathematical problem when his little son came into the office.

– Dad, I want to be a great scientist like you. Let me help you with what you are doing.

científico trabajando

The man, who didn’t want to lose his concentration, looked for something to distract him. He found laying around a Geography magazine laying around, open at a picture of a big world globe.

The scientist ripped the page and broke the picture into several pieces.

– My son, scientists like me solve problems similar to this puzzle. We search with patience that the different pieces fit in.

Take these pieces and a bit of tape, sit in the floor and put together the pieces of this puzzle as if it were a great problem.

Puzzle del mundo
The kid listened fascinated his father’s explanation, without seeing the true intention, which was to keep him busy so he could work without distraction.

The man was certain that the task would keep the boy busy at least until dinner.

To his surprise, fifteen minutes later the boy came to his father’s desk and placed on the desk, with great pride, all of the pieces perfectly put together.

The man was astonished with the speed with which the small boy had reassembled the picture of the world.

– Son, how is it possible that you putso many pieces back together in so little time?

The kid replied with the innocence of a child:

– Daddy, when you gave me this, I didn’t know how to put it back together, because I didn’t know where to start.

Suddenly, I saw that behind one of the pieces you gave me there was a hand and another with a foot.

I realized that behind the broken worlrd there was also a broken man.

And since I know how a man looks before it is broken, I turned around all the pieces and I assembled the man so he would be complete again.

So by fixing the man, I fixed the world.

Puzzle ser humano

Possible source (own translation)


One thought on “Fables – Listening to the inner child

  1. Thank you for the great lesson of the inner child. He said “by fixing the man, I fixed the world”…- Likewise I , by leaving a comment, I fix myself. By signing our likes we voice the heart and thus wake up to come out of our comfort zones.

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