About the project


I’m really lucky!

Throughout the years my life has been full of enthusiasts, relentlessy optimistic  and  life loving people.

I haven’t always been aware of this…but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening!

So I fixed my mission: to hunt growth opportunities and open up the process to everyone who wants to benefit from it.

How? With 3 initiatives:

  1. Share experiences and thoughts
  2. Remembering fables
  3. Publishing interviews with people with a defined passion

When I started this project, I was certain that most people would just sneer or simply dismiss it as “another blog in the net”.

Instead I got all these incredibly positive feedback, asking for more and that I try to put a form to it. People I deeply respect actually started asking how they could help me!

Then I realized what we have in common:

We are Growth Hunters.

So let me invite you to explore this project and participate through the coments, social media or email.

If you have an initiative that you’re passionate about or you would like we went over an idea or topic, get in touch!


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