Koan – The Moon Cannot Be Stolen

Ryokan, a Zen master, lived the simplest kind of life in a little hut at the foot of a mountain.

hut in the mountains

One evening a thief visited the hut only to discover there was nothing to steal.

empty room

Ryokan returned and caught him. “You have come a long way to visit me,” he told the prowler, “and you should not return empty-handed. Please take my clothes as a gift.”

shirt in the wind

The thief was bewildered. He took the clothes and slunk away.

Ryoken sat naked, watching the moon. “Poor fellow,” he mused, “I wish I could have given him this beautiful moon.”




Awards – The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I want to thank Richard A. Cross from Energize your thoughts ( http://richardacross.com/ ) for nominating for me the Dragon Loyalty Award.

Richard does a great job of keeping us away from self-contempt and on the push with a smile 🙂

However, for this award there are some rules to be followed.

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Seven Interesting Things About Me:

1. I make it a point to smile at every small miracle I come across every day. Sometimes I even make it!

2. One of my favourite moments: when people forget they are talking to somebody and simply get carried away with a topic they are passionate about…that spark in their eyes!

3. For years I said I’d never get a blog nor a twitter, because I didn’t think I’d have anything to lecture the world about (still don’t think so…but maybe I can share 🙂 )

4. I got tired of waiting for the perfect moment for MANY things and just decided to get going…and have learned to enjoy the ride

5. By age 33, I’ve lived in 20+ houses

6. Burnt wood is my favourite smell

7. The sea is my favourite colour (with its changes and all).

Thanks to all who have visited my blog. I appreciate you all!

Now for the nominees for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award:

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Remember the rules and also remember to visit Richard!

Thank you!


In only 3 months!

I’m really grateful to all of you whom take the time to have a look at the articles, fables, koan and basically the posts I share which I think will be of interest.

And even more to those who take the time (data suggests it’s in the line of 0,3 seconds) to like them.

Don’t want to pull a long post, so basically:

Thank you heart

Fables – The four candles

Once upon a time, four candles were burning.

The place was so silent that the dialogue between them could be heard.

The first said:

I am the Peace, and even with my light, people cannot manage to keep me lit.

Soon, the flame extinguished.

 velas volando

The second said:

I am Faith!

Sadly, I am not needed by people. They don’t want to know about God or their Spirit, it doesn’t make sense to continue burning.

When she finished talking, a soft wind blew her out.

 vela fe

Very quietly and sad, the third candle spoke:

I am Love!

I can’t continue burning, I am tired. People put me aside, only interested in taking care of themselves up to the point of forgetting those around them.

It too went out.

vela amor

Suddenly, a boy arrives and sees the three extinguished candles…

– What is this! You must be lit and burn until the end!

Then the fourth candle spoke:

– Fear not, my son.

While I am lit, we can re-ignite the other candles.

 vela esperanza

Then the boy took the candle of Hope and re-kindled the other candles.

 Author: unknown

May the candle of Hope never extinguish for you, for it is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Reflection – How close are you to your heart?

Long ago, a wise man asked his followers:

Why do people shout when they are angry?

pareja gritándose

They thought for some time:

– Because we lose our calm – said one – that is why we shout.

– But, why shout to a person that is right next to you? Isn’t it possible to talk quietly? – said the wise man.

Others gave their answers but none satisfied the wise man.


Finally, he explained:

When two people are upset, their hearts are very far apart. To cover that distance, they must shout in order to be heard.

The more angry they are, the louder they will have to shout in order to hear each other in this great distance.

Gran cañón

The wise men then asked:

What happens when two people are in love?

They do not shout, they speak softly.


Why? Because their hearts are very close.

The distance between them is very small.

The wise man continued, when they love even more, do you know what happens? The don’t speak, only whisper and they get even closer in their love.

In the end, they don’t even need to whisper, they simply look at each other and it is all. That is how close two people are when they love each other.


Then he said:

– When you argue, do not allow your hearts to go far away, do not speak words that will push them even further, for one day the distance will be so big they will not be able to find their way back.

Author: traditional tibet tale

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Sharing water

Since the last post was about finding a house it makes sense that this one is about neighbours.

Nowadays, most of us don’t spend that much time at home: between work, activities and trying to have a social life, its easy to simply have a place to sleep monday to friday so to say.

That being said, having a good neighbour is a treasure.

Vecinos que abren camino

Not because you’re going to need anything specific from him/her but because having a healthy community is something positive, which we all enjoy and keeps the growth spiral going up and up and up!

Social media is fine…but lets face it: nothing beats the real stuff.

When I moved into the new house, I made a point of introducing myself to the most direct neighbours. Most of us had just moved to the block (it seemed like there had been a regeneration of kind) and were basically finding our way around.

But there was a particular person who I had a bad start with.

Doing some DIY at home, I was missing a tool and thought to go and ask a for it…only to find this particular neighbout coming across as quite harsh and dismissive saying he couldn’t help. Fine…his problem, I guess!

Haciendo un arreglo

Some days went by and somebody rings at my door: the “harsh” neighbour had plumbing problems and was asking for a bucket of water.

Why why why…look who’s here…right?


I didn’t even think about that situation and of course helped him out…actually invited him to a tea, we sat and chatted and it happened we had a lot of things in common (he is a Reiki therapist and I’ve been learning many techniques for some time).

And here is where the attitude and positive thinking became powerfull: I told him that when I asked him for a tool, he came across as harsh when I asked him for help.

His answer was surprising: he hadn’t even realized I had asked him for help! He was busy with his own DIY and having problems with his stuff.

Thats it…did you just see what happened? By sharing my thoughts (feelings, emotions, call it what you like) without fear I stop focusing on what I need…and simply share.

With that attitude, the other person doesn’t feel confronted…so its easier that they share THEIR thoughts!

Sounds stupid simple…I know.

But stop and think: how many times has it happened that since YOU’RE right and YOUR feelings are hurt…the other person has to know what YOU feel and how HE was WRONG…

Sound familiar?

Now you have a new tool to use the next time you don’t know how to handle a situation: listen, try to understand what the other person is feeling and find a common ground where nobody is particularly right and the only goal is to share.


Want to share an experience? How did you solve a similar situation?

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I’ll be glad to share my time

Turistas en Barcelona triIf you live in a city which the tourists visit regularly you will probably relate to this situation: individuals or small groups staring into their folded maps, checking the bus stops or trying to decifer the Underground charts.

Most of us don’t pay much attention to them, since we’re rushing somewhere or think they will figure their way around or…its simply not our business.


It is.

Not only does it improve the tourist’s experience of our city (which means they will probably suggest their friends to come over and visit…hence starting a virtuous circle) but most importantly…

When you’re helping people, you’re opening up yourself for opportunities, usually unforseen.

Let me share an experience.

Some years ago I was taking a train within Barcelona from work to my Supply Chain Management Master’s Degree. June, nice weather, finally Friday and simply staring through the window.

A couple of seats away, this young guy was studying his map…and from the look of his face he wasn’t happy.

Knowing the final station was approaching and commute from there is pretty bad, I walked up to him as asked if I could help. At first he refused politely but when he saw my big smile and that the offer was honest…he confessed: he knew how to get to the place but had plenty of time and wanted to enjoy a walk.

To keep it short, I offered he walked with me a bit and from where I left him he would have a straight easy path along one of the best beaches in Barcelona:


Along the 20 minute walk we shared about job market in Europe (him being German) and common situations our generations face. I left him with my phone number in case he needed something and didn’t think back: it had been a very pleasant time and simply enjoyed it.

To my surprise, the next day I got a text message thanking me for the tour and directions…and an invitation to a football match that evening!

Myself I’m not a great football fun, but my partner at the moment is…so I asked if both of us could go. It turned out we could and had a blast both at the game and in the dinner after, where I got to meet more German people friends of his.

Think about it: is there something in the story that you think is really odd? Something bizarre or uncommon?

Or do you see yourself nodding, feeling its just common sense and going with the natural flow of sharing and helping?

How many opportunities can you actually spot? Can you actually name who benefitted from the whole situation or is it just common growth for everybody?

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