Fables – The four candles

Once upon a time, four candles were burning.

The place was so silent that the dialogue between them could be heard.

The first said:

I am the Peace, and even with my light, people cannot manage to keep me lit.

Soon, the flame extinguished.

 velas volando

The second said:

I am Faith!

Sadly, I am not needed by people. They don’t want to know about God or their Spirit, it doesn’t make sense to continue burning.

When she finished talking, a soft wind blew her out.

 vela fe

Very quietly and sad, the third candle spoke:

I am Love!

I can’t continue burning, I am tired. People put me aside, only interested in taking care of themselves up to the point of forgetting those around them.

It too went out.

vela amor

Suddenly, a boy arrives and sees the three extinguished candles…

– What is this! You must be lit and burn until the end!

Then the fourth candle spoke:

– Fear not, my son.

While I am lit, we can re-ignite the other candles.

 vela esperanza

Then the boy took the candle of Hope and re-kindled the other candles.

 Author: unknown

May the candle of Hope never extinguish for you, for it is the light at the end of the tunnel.


Fables – The firefly and the snake

Once upon a time, there was a snake that started chasing relentlesly a beautiful firefly.


The glowing insect fled as fast as it could from the fearsome predator, but the snake didn’t give up.


It fled for a full day and the snake didn’t give up. Two days and nothing. On the third day, totally exhausted, the firefly stopped and told the sanke:

– Can I make you a couple questions?

interrogante nubes

– I’m not used to allow such a thing…but since I’m going to eat you, go ahead.

–  Do I belong to your chain of food?

– No

– Have I done you any harm?

– No

– Then, why do you want to end me?

– Because I can’t stand seing you glow.


Unknown author

Has it happened to you that someone went against you because they couldn’t stand your glow and have later acknowledged it? Leave your comment or tweet @growthhunter