Fresh restart – When life has its own thoughts about your plans

Sometimes you have ideas.

Some of them are even good ones! The best are the ones you simply get sucked into.

Being pulled

But then life “shares its thoughts” about your projects…and does it get interesting!

For the last year I’ve been involved in a few thrilling non-work projects.

Not only have they not meant income but in most of them it has required scarce resources (time, neurons and whatnot) and even money from my own pocket.

Fresh Start

Quite a downletting experience you might think.

But you know what? I’ll share a little something now that nobody’s listening.

Telling a secret

Thousands of people pay ungodly amounts of money to earn access to the theoretical knowdledge I’m talking about, let alone try it and test it.

This situation ties with how this blog started, so its all good!

So here is a summary of what I offer to you:

  • The business learnings in easy to take bites

  • Different techniques to stay sane and have a fresh mind

  • I’ll continue to share the stories and fables you all like!

So, are you ready to join me?

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Fable – Aphrodite and the cat

Once upon a time, a cat fell in love with a handsome young man and prayed to Aphrodite that she would turned into a woman.

Gata ensimismada

The goddess, pleased by her wish, transformed her into a beautiful woman and the man, falling in love with her, invited her to his house.


Being both in the main room, Aphrodite wanted to know if the change in the cat had also changed her character, so she set loose a mouse in the bedroom.

Gato persiguiendo rat├│n

Forgetting the cat her current situation, she leapt off the bed and chased the mouse to eat it. The goddess, furious, returned her to the original state.

Gato llorando

We all have our nature and the fight against it is lost before hand…what do you think? Let us know in the comments ­čÖé

Source (own translation)

Koan – The Thief Who Became a Disciple

One evening as Shichiri Kojun was reciting sutras a thief with a sharp sword entered, demanding wither his money or his life.

show me the money

Shichiri told him: “Do not disturb me. You can find the money in that drawer.” Then he resumed his recitation.

A little while afterwards he stopped and called: “Don’t take it all. I need some to pay taxes with tomorrow.”


The intruder gathered up most of the money and started to leave. “Thank a person when you receive a gift,” Shichiri added. The man thanked him and made off.

A few days afterwards the fellow was caught and confessed, among others, the offense against Shichiri. When Shichiri was called as a witness he said: “This man is no thief, at least as far as I am concerned. I gave him the money and he thanked me for it.”


After he had finished his prison term, the man went to Shichiri and became his disciple.


Koan – Love openly

Twenty monks and one nun, who was named Eshun, were practicing meditation with a certain Zen master.


Eshun was very pretty even though her head was shaved and her dress plain. Several monks secretly fell in love with her. One of them wrote her a love letter, insisting upon a private meeting.

Carta de amor

Eshun did not reply. The following day the master gave a lecture to the group, and when it was over, Eshun arose. Addressing the one who had written to her, she said:

If you really love me so much, come and embrace me now

Hombre que se esconde


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Fables – Why are you asleep?

Once upon a time there was a village in India close to a trading road. Many people passed by.

castillo ruta de la seda

But the village had become known for an unlikely event: there was a man that been asleep for over a forth of a century non stop.

hombre durmiendo en una cama en el bosque

Nobody knew the reason. What a strange event! Those who travelled through the road always stopped to observe the sleeping man.

But how can this be? – asked the visitors.

In the near region lived a hermit.

He was a disdainful and spent the day in deep contemplation and would not be distrubed.

yogui japones

But he has become famous for being able to read other people’s thoughts.

The mayor of the village visited him and begged that he visited the sleeping man and try to fin out the cause of his long and deep rest.

The hermit was noble so, beyond his unappealing facade, he accepted to help discover the misery.

He went to the village and sat next to the sleeping man. He concentrated deeply and strated driving his conscience into the sleeping man’s mind.

At last, his mental enegy connected.

Dos personas conectadas

Minutes later, the hermit came back to his regular conscience state and all the village had gathered to hear what he had to say. With a clam voice, he explained:

┬á– Dear friends, I have reached the brain and heart of the sleeping man. I have searched for the origin and I am glad to announce I have found it.

This man dreams he is awake, therefore he has no intention of waking up.

Inicio de dia con gallo

┬á * The Master says: don’t be like this man, spiritually asleep so deeply that you believe you are Awakened.*

Why should you always have a YES in your lips

Have you ever had the feeling that your day to day has become a routine?

Have you wished for new opportunities, situations and experiences?


Here is the good news: its in your hands!

Some time ago, I was exactly in that situation. There was absolutely no way to get into changes with everyday tasks simply sucking the time.

Until I decided that had to change.

Poste de se├▒ales

So I set an appointment with myself during one hour (more on time management in another post), sat at a terrace sipping a coffe and outlined what I needed:

– New experiences: the only way to know about things is to dip your toe (or maybe jump into it!)

– Free or very low cost activities: it was not possible to devote much money to the initiative

– With people: wanted to make it a social project. Hint: this came after thinking “I don’t get so see my friends as often as I would like”…does that ring a bell?

So with this 3 simple and driven ideas, I tunned my radar for opportunities.


And not many days after, I started finding associations, websites, newsletters for my city, quarter and area.

You would be AMAZED about how many people start projects to help people out.

grupo con se├▒al

Great, now we have the what and the price (most for free).

Now I needed to engage people…how do I that?

By surprising them.

ni├▒a sorprendida

E-mail, whatsapp, phone, text messages…we live in the era of communication!

So I started contacting people that I knew and wanted to catch up with them, things like:

“Hey, haven’t heard from you in a long time! Are you free this [insert the day the activity happens]. If you are, lets meet at [easy location] at [convenient time]”.

You know what happened?

100% of the time answered saying “But to do what?”

See? The first concern was not availability…but the contents.

“Its a surprise. If you’re free, I’d love you’d follow along”.

And in most cases, people would agree.

Where did I take them?

Well, I took into account what I knew of these people:

– A friend is very much into the social arts, so I took her to a Modern Art Museum. I know NOTHING about modern art. And it happens she knows quite a bit… So I got to not only spend quality time with a friend but also learned a lot about art and how to look at things.

modern art

– Another, I took to Barcelona’s Picasso Museum. Neither of us are much into this kind of painting, but it so happened neither had ever been there and we found a really nice coffe place near by and probably enjoyed more the coffee than the actual visit.


What learning do you think I got from this experience?

Don’t sit back and wait for life to happen: take a step forward and do things

So next time you feel like you don’t like a situation:

  • make an appointment with yourself
  • figure the couple essential things you want
  • Start NOW. No day like today!

boton start

Lets us know how your projects go by leaving a comment or tweeting @growthhunter

Fable – You are your own instrument

The kid watched his grandmother, who was writting a letter. In a certain moment, he asked:

Are you writting a story that happened to us? Is it by chance a story about me?

The grandmother stopped writting, smiled and told her grandchild:

I am writting about you, it is true. However, more important tan words is the pencil I am using. I would like you to be like it when you grow up.


The boy looked at the pencil, intrigued, and saw nothing special.

– But it is just like all the other pencils I have seen in my life!

It all depends on how you look into things, she replied. There are five qualities that, if you manage to keep them,will make you a person at peace with the World.

The first quality: You can make great things but you must never forget that there is a hand that guides your steps. That hand we call God and He must always take you in the direction of His will.

The second quality: Every now and then stop writting and sharpen your edge. With that the pencil suffers a bit, but in the end it is sharper. Therefore, you have to learn how to withstand some pains, because they will help you become a better person.

The third quality: The pencil always allows for the eraser to take care of mistakes. You must understand that correcting something we have done is not necessarily a bad thing, but something that will help us to continue in the path of justice.

The fourth quality: What  really matters in the pencil is no the Wood or its outer shape but the graphite it contains. Therefore, take care always of what is in you.

Lastly, the fifth quality of the pencil: It always leaves a marc. In the same fashion, you have to know that everything you  do in life will leave a fottprint and try being conscious of all your actions.

Author: Paulo Coelho. Translation: Growth Hunter

What do you think? It there some situation that made you think of these qualities?

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Believing in yourself

Some years ago I met a woman who is now a friend.

At that time, she was in a frontline position for a big IT multinational, basically hassling with those tasks anybody who has worked in an office learns to dread.

IT problems

When your main role is to aid people that contact you because something just broke “and I didn’t do anything”, it takes a fair amount of energy to remain positive thinking and focused on providing a good experience to your customer.

And yet she did.

She’d been in the job for a few years and neither the salary or the working hours were very kind…but you got to live with what you got to live…right?


Her positive attitude and will to provide the best help she could think of to the end clients made that not only the users sought her out (which means they acknowdleged her skills and attitude) but she had become the unofficial leader of her shift at her location.

IT Services

I have always admired those people who refuse to go the easy path, because their inner compass pulls them in the right direction.

Beeing grumpy, disengaged ordismissive of the clients happens all too often in the customer service area: the worker loses the edge, feels he is always solving everybody’s problems but gets no recognition (neither from the clients nor the bosses)…

I’m not going to go into the pitfalls of management, so we’ll focus on the worker.

On my friend’s story.

On how a year later she LEAPT 2 levels due to her attitude, comitment and focus on what she DOES like of her work/company/role.

On how being able to identify that you’re earning “less than I should but enough to keep ┬áme going in an enviroment I love”.

Ask yourself if you’re giving your best shot at your current job, position or project.

Are you really pushing towards what makes you feel good…or do you simply allow yourself to go down the slope and later complain because you don’t have control of things and it just keeps getting worse?

Don’t know how to stop the sliding?


Happy CS

Try to focus on what you CAN do instead of what you would LIKE to do but is not possible due to [use your excuse].

Refuse to get into fights over who’s right or who screwed up: does it really care? It’s not going to change the past…that action already happened.

Smile, breath deep and concentrate on what you CAN and WANT to do.

And if it happens that what you can and want to do is in a different place/job/project…start moving in that direction, identify what you need and get the ball rolling.

More on this last idea on the next post.

What is the next thing you’re going to do to improve yourself? And your enviroment?

Let us know in the comments, Twitter or drop us a mail in the contact.