Fable – Break from your past

Surely you’ve heard/read/been told about this fable.

Elefante con cadena

Once upon a time, a kid visited the circus with his parents and was totally thrilled for the experience.

While waiting in the line, we glimpsed an elephant. The huge behemoth was calmly eating, though he didn’t seem particularly happy.

When he asked around, nobody could answer what happened to the animal…until one of the circus crew told him he was sad because he didn’t enjoy his job in the arena.

“Why doesn’t he run away, then?”, asked the kid.

The crew memeber pointed a chain that was clamped around the elephant’s foot.

“But the elephant is HUGE”, stated the kid bewildered. “He could break it whenever he wants!”

The worker explained that when the elephant arrived to the circus as a baby, he was put in chains. Since he was still very small, there was no way he could have broken the links.

So after some time…he stopped trying.

Until today.

We all know that if he tried, he would free himself without a problem.

But he doesn’t believe in himself…he has surrendered to a reality that belongs to the past.


Whilst being a sad fable (we would all like to see the elephant be free and running around in his natural habitat!), it is completely spot on!

Think about it…is there something you have tried in the past, didn’t work and have simply deemed it as impossible.

Why don’t you try and give the chain another yank…the worst thing that could happened is that is would all remain the same!