Fables – The fisherman and the fish

pescador lanzando red

Once upon a time, a hungry fisherman cast his net to the sea and when he pulled it back he only found a small fish in it.

pez pequeño

He took it in his hands, but the animal begged to be released because he was too small.

– When I grow you can catch me again and I will be of more benefit for you.

pez grande

– I would be a fool , the fisherman said, to let go of the catch I have in my hands, hoping for a better one after unknown time, no matter how big it could be.

soñando pez

It is foolish to disregard the riches we have in hand, arguing it is but little a thing.


Fable by Esopo

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Fable – How to recognize the importance of things


The master was strolling through a field of wheat when a disciple came up to him: “I can’t tell which is the true path. What’s the secret? What does that ring on your right hand mean?” asked the master.

“My father gave it to me before dying.”

“Well, give it to me.”

The disciple obeyed, and the master tossed the ring into the middle of the field of wheat.

“Now what?” shouted the disciple.

“Now I have to stop doing everything I was doing to look for the ring! It’s important to me!”

“When you find it, remember this: you yourself answered the question you asked me. That is how you tell the true path: it is more important than all the rest.”

Originally from the blog of Paulo Coelho