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Reflecting – 27=9×3 strategy

27 words, 9 seconds, and three points

We live in a society focused on numbers.

dedos con números



Living up to the expectations.

Time and shifts.

It seems that only that which we can crunch into a number really matters.

And we love it…don’t we?

relojes ruedas

Actually we don’t.

We HATE it.

Then why does society focus on numbers so much?

Because they can measure it.

We can compare.

We can categorize things in “good” or “bad”.

Into “acceptable” or “unacceptable”.

But at the core of it all…

We think that they dispell uncertainty.

We have numbers, metrics, matrixes, spreadsheets, calculators, rulers…we CAN’T possible go wrong, can we?

Of course we can.

Anybody heard of an economic crisis that we’re supposed to be in?

300 629 10

And I’d say there were more than one or two “inteligent” people monitoring the situation…and probably had more than paper and pencil to figure it out and keep track.

The other day I read an interesting article (link at the bottom) about a common buzz word: elevator pitch.

Elevator pitch

Basically, the concept is that you happen to bump into somebody important/influential/rich and you have only 30 seconds to tell them about your super awesome project.

Beyond the actual 30 seconds mark, the concept is interesting.

If you’re able to explain in a well thought, articulate and convincing fashion its easier that you’ll be taken into account.

However, and this is probably the most important aspect, it forces you to soul search, de-clutter and focus on the core bare-bones of your project.

And that kind of attitude, habit and exercise is WONDERFUL, because for every word you take away, you get closer and closer to the soul our your idea.

As often, somebody went and gave it another twist…with more numbers (now you see why this post started the way it did!)

27 words, 9 seconds, and three points

Have you had experience in brushing up your projects? What is your take on the issue?

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Fables – The four candles

Once upon a time, four candles were burning.

The place was so silent that the dialogue between them could be heard.

The first said:

I am the Peace, and even with my light, people cannot manage to keep me lit.

Soon, the flame extinguished.

 velas volando

The second said:

I am Faith!

Sadly, I am not needed by people. They don’t want to know about God or their Spirit, it doesn’t make sense to continue burning.

When she finished talking, a soft wind blew her out.

 vela fe

Very quietly and sad, the third candle spoke:

I am Love!

I can’t continue burning, I am tired. People put me aside, only interested in taking care of themselves up to the point of forgetting those around them.

It too went out.

vela amor

Suddenly, a boy arrives and sees the three extinguished candles…

– What is this! You must be lit and burn until the end!

Then the fourth candle spoke:

– Fear not, my son.

While I am lit, we can re-ignite the other candles.

 vela esperanza

Then the boy took the candle of Hope and re-kindled the other candles.

 Author: unknown

May the candle of Hope never extinguish for you, for it is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Rewards – The WordPress Family Award

It’s been under 3 months this project got started.

Time flies and its actually hard to get back into the mindset with which it all started: we are a result of our daily experiences…and has there been experiences!

People have been (still are) constantly providing ideas, texts and feedback.

Every single post is proof read by plenty of people (thanks to all of you who drop me a mail/text when you find out some mistake…you are loved for being so “strict”).

I’ve never been that interested about social media, so imagine my surprise when I found out I’ve been awarded something by somebody!

And its not just anybody…its a blog (and the person behind it obviously) which actually has thousands and thousands of hits! (Note: he’s trying to get to the 100.000 visit mark…please do check him out).

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Reflection – How close are you to your heart?

Long ago, a wise man asked his followers:

Why do people shout when they are angry?

pareja gritándose

They thought for some time:

– Because we lose our calm – said one – that is why we shout.

– But, why shout to a person that is right next to you? Isn’t it possible to talk quietly? – said the wise man.

Others gave their answers but none satisfied the wise man.


Finally, he explained:

When two people are upset, their hearts are very far apart. To cover that distance, they must shout in order to be heard.

The more angry they are, the louder they will have to shout in order to hear each other in this great distance.

Gran cañón

The wise men then asked:

What happens when two people are in love?

They do not shout, they speak softly.


Why? Because their hearts are very close.

The distance between them is very small.

The wise man continued, when they love even more, do you know what happens? The don’t speak, only whisper and they get even closer in their love.

In the end, they don’t even need to whisper, they simply look at each other and it is all. That is how close two people are when they love each other.


Then he said:

– When you argue, do not allow your hearts to go far away, do not speak words that will push them even further, for one day the distance will be so big they will not be able to find their way back.

Author: traditional tibet tale

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Religion or Spirituality?

Alcanzando la luz

“I don’t belive in religion”

“I don’t think there is anything else”

“I’m getting enought just going through my days”

“I’m a very spiritual person”

We’ve all heard such statements and may have even shared them at some point in time.

In a society such as the western, where certain needs, rewards and attitudes are encouraged… does the religious or spiritual phenomenon have space?

What is “better, religion or spirituality?

Are they the same? What do they differ in ?

atardecer impactante

Let us start by the formal definitions:

Religion ( by Merriam-Webster)

A personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices

Spiritual ( also by Merriam-Webster)

Of, relating to, consisting of, or affecting the spirit

They key element that sets them appart are the practices, since we can agree that both are concerned about the well-being of the spirit.

Hence, as a consequence we could state that :

All human being has a spiritual dimension.

manos recibiendo luz

Who hasn’t felt the need to feed beyond food? Personal relationships, professional satifaction, feeling of belonging to a community…

What about religion?

Símbolos de religiones

In past times (though not so far away as we may think!), religion was one of society’s pilars.

Not pretending to analyze any particular religion, most of them share certain traits:

– They have authority figures, which decide what is adhering to the religion and what isn’t


– They profess throug ther own rites, which usually are strict and mandatory.

muslim prayer

– Their symbology is very clearly cut


– They are excluding: religions claim they are authentic and only

linea arena

This is the key element that sets them apart.

When you put together ritual practices along with the pretension of being the one and only, this draws a line that separates what belongs and what doesn’t.

On the other side, we live in an Era (for many more decades than many people think) packed with spiritual possibilities.


The most known are the so called alternative therapies: Reiki, Pranic Healing, Yoga or Bach Flowers just to name a few. Even amongst them, you can find different variations.

However, and here is where the main difference with religions shines, it is hard to find a technique or therapy that excludes other ways of doing or thinking.

For example, you’ll be hard pressed to find a reikist (reiki therpist) that claims that a yogi is wrong.

Whilst a pranic healer focuses on the kundalini energy and the coiled snake, a reikist focuses on the universal energy.


For some, the energy ascends whislt for others it descends.

This doesn’t mean that anything is in.

If these techniques and philosofies share something it is that the grow a spirituality that embraces different approaches to common goal.

They all start from their own certainties, paradigms and ways of understanding life, energy and spirit.

Even then, they accept that others can chip in, grow and broaden the opportunities.


This artile is a reflection, trying to put in words a very complicated topic and one that most people stand their ground in an intense way.

I hope that the conciliatory intention gets its way through and if it helps awakening sensibilities, cooperation and comprehension, it will have made its purpose.

Do you agree with the differences? Is there some experience you wish to share?

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